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Meet Joe, PPC Consultant & Google Ads Expert

Thanks for visiting our website, my name is Joe Remington and I’m the founder of PPC Professor – Your Google Ads Expert and PPC Consultant.

At PPC Professor, we provide one service and one service only… Creating Google Ad Campaigns & Landing Pages to get your phones ringing with new business…


PPC Professor is supported by a team of across the US specializing in web design, copy writing, analytics, & relationship management with a combined 20 years of experience. However, when you work with us, you speak with Joe Remington himself… not some account manager right out of college.

All we care about is getting results for your business…

Along the way, we make sure communication is consistent thorough so you know what’s happening at all times.

If you’re a service based business looking for more phone calls/more clients, let’s have a quick chat. We’ll share the google ads strategies that work best as well as some high converting landing pages (which is the secret sauce in all of this).

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Frequently Asked Questions


Pay-Per-Click (PPC), is a form of online advertising where advertisers pay a fee every time their ad is clicked. PPC advertising can be very beneficial to help grow brand awareness, schedule appointments, and sell products online. Google Ads is highly regarded as one of the most popular & effective ways for a business to advertise online.

While there are other effective advertising platforms, such as Facebook and Bing Ads, Google Ads is the platform consumers flock to for service-based business.

The most direct way Google Ads can grow your business is through creating successful search campaigns. The reason for this is simple, Consumer intent. When someone searches “Dog daycare near me”, their intent to find and use a dog daycare’s service is extremely high.

The consumer searched that keyword for a reason, and when their buying intent is high, it’s a perfect opportunity to get in front of them. By creating successful search campaigns that show up on the top page in Google, you are:

1) Increasing your chances of scheduling an appointment or consultation

2) Creating stronger brand awareness

3) Taking more real estate on the first page of Google

We do not tie any of our clients to a strict contract. at PPC Professor, we work with our clients on a month-to-month basis. If you are satisfied with our lead gen services, we continue to optimize and move forward for better performance. If you’re not satisfied, we can part ways that same month.

Yes, Absolutely! Transparency is a crucial part of how we build a strong, collaborative relationship with our clients.

We have monthly reporting calls/zooms with all of our clients. This entails going over key performance indicators (KPIs), new campaign optimizations, and budget strategy moving forward. Better yet, our monthly reports are simple and easy to comprehend. It’s a one-page PDF document that has all the data you need to understand your performance. No complicated graphs or charts.

The beauty of PPC compared to other forms of Digital Marketing is fast results. After we create & launch your campaign, you’ll be able to see your ads in about an hour or so. Within the first couple of days, we’ll start to garnish some traffic and ad impressions.

If you want a successful, long-lasting campaign, it’s important to give it time to develop and gather more data… This data can then be analyzed and optimized to increase further performance to get you more clients.

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